Sooooo, Korra’s getting proper promotion on the PSN? Like being featured right next to AAA games like Destiny and GTAV, with all first three Books on sale? Bless.

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Ikkin’s Image Speculation, Post-Coronation

The Coronation is the sort of episode that seems to offer more potential for future speculation than for speculating about the next few episodes.  Very few clips appeared in it, so it mainly served to push ambiguous clips out an extra episode.

With that said, there are still a few new bits of information from other sources that could help put things into perspective.  But there are still going to be significant parts of this that are hardly altered from last time, at least as far as the next couple of episodes are concerned.

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I went to an aikido seminar today, and during one of the breaks, the conversation turned to female representation in media.

I brought up Legend of Korra, of course.  It turns out that my sensei and his wife (who also acts as sensei) both knew about the show.

Apparently, they think it’s too dark to show their kids; they were surprised when I told them that the network rated it as okay for seven-and-up.  So, curious as to what made them think that, I asked how much they’d seen… and they’d only seen the trailer.  XD;  I’ve got to wonder what they’d think if they saw some of the stuff that the trailers don’t show.

(Afterwards, I remembered that the Book 4 trailer did show off a bit of the show’s darker side, but honestly, it’s still just the tip of the iceberg  >_>; )


ikkinthekitsune asked for Borgiaesque rumours and Desna and Eska!


They were seventeen before they noticed that others thought them odd: less because they were unobservant and more because they didn’t care. They were in their twenties when they realized that the whispers of not right and unnatural did not pertain to their youth, or to their father’s decline into half-spirit monster, half-incompetent leader, but a belief that Desna and Eska were lovers—a prospect that struck them as unappealing. They did not greatly care about this, either, but still, they felt a certain satisfaction when they saw the bruised face of a particularly insistent and reckless reporter, who had gone so far as to mention the possibility to their cousin Korra.

Hah, this is just what I was looking for! I didn’t expect Korra’s reaction, but that was a brilliant addition (she would XD).

admiralbutterfly said: Someone on Reddit theorised that the reason she's been associated with freedom was because she "freed" the Earth Kingdom from Chin the Conqueror. And my two cents would be that Kyoshi's name is also really important, not just as the only named Earth Avatar we know, but because she was the physically largest and most long-lived Avatar in history, and that's got to be a source of pride for the Earth Kingdom!

Ah, yeah, that could be it.  It’s just hard to see removing a conquering tyrant in favor of the rule of an equally non-democratic King to be the work of a great bastion of freedom.  XD;

I could see her name just being generally important in the Earth Kingdom, though.  She’s got quite the reputation, after all.

avatar-redpanda said: I know I probably shouldn't complain about it, but it kinda irks me that Mako isn't selected to go find Korra in that one clip from "The Calling"? I mean, he's a detective, he searched for Korra in the first Book (albeit somewhat unsuccessfully), and his detective/map reading/information gathering skills I feel, are being very underused this Book so far? I can understand sending Jinora out, her spiritual connection is ace but Mako has some skills that need to be used (where's Mama Mako mode).

It’d be nice to see Mako’s detective skills put to use, but he’s probably busy protecting Wu.  I imagine that keeping Wu from being assassinated would be a much bigger concern now that Kuvira made it clear that she doesn’t want him on the throne.  =/

x-toad said: Does Kuvira look very eager to keep Bolin on her side to you too? I wonder why that is?

I can’t say for sure, but there are a few options.

The simplest would be that, as a lavabender, he’s a valuable physical asset.  He’s also a friend of Korra’s, though, which raises some more possibilities.

If Kuvira wanted some sort of leverage over Korra, Bolin would be perfect to play that role (especially because he’s got ties to Opal and therefore the airbenders and the Beifongs, too).

And, on a psychological level, Kuvira might find it satisfying to have one of the Avatar’s friends supporting her.

Any one of those could explain it, I think, or it could be some combination of the three.  It’s not that surprising that Kuvira would want to keep Bolin on her side, though.

Anonymous said: I had a horrible thought, you know that theory with whatever Varrick's working could be for trapping spirits as batteries for the mechs? What if the little puppy/leaf spirit that helped Korra ends up being one of them (I seriously hope the spirit doesn't die, or at least someone rescues them before, if it happens). =/ Though, I guess it'd be a neat way to tie in the spirits more heavily into the plot again and how Korra's their Avatar too if she has to protect their rights/well being as well.

That would be terrible…  D=  I doubt they’re going to go that route, though, if only because Varrick’s the one doing the research.  He’s a terrible person, but it seems pretty clear that he’s got some standards as far as hurting people in his line of sight is concerned (and, given Bryke’s comments about the nature of Ping-Ping and their insistence that Varrick didn’t kill the platypus bear, those standards likely extend to animals, too).

They’re probably going to stick to the vines, since that’s not quite so instinctively repugnant and can serve the same sort of role in upsetting other spirits.

avatar-redpanda said: When I saw the Spirit Vines in the tubes in this episode, the image from the trailer of Book 4, and that's when I realized, so this is what those things are. Which brings me to the sudden horror of what's going to be done with those Spirit Vines. I mean, messing with Spirits again? Remember the last time that happened? It does not end well.

I can’t really see the same thing happening as last time, honestly.  What seems more likely is that the progress-vs.-spirituality conflict is going to get very literal, with Kuvira using the spirits as resources and the spirits being highly unpleased as a result.

The use of the spirit vine reminds me of what the hedgehog spirit said about spirits and vines — namely, that there isn’t really a difference between the two.  It seems incredibly unlikely that Varrick or even Kuvira would be in favor of using obviously sentient or cute animal-like spirits as power sources, but those vines don’t really inspire human empathy.  So, it’d be really easy for them to use them thinking it would be no-harm no-foul, only to find out that the other spirits found the idea horrifying and worthy of violent retribution.

Anonymous said: didn't Bryan say something about a frog-squirrel character coming up that was a favorite of his? because Korra totally had a frog-squirrel on her shoulder in the swamp this episode.

Yeah.  I’ve got to wonder if he chose that spirit deliberately because he knew it was going to be shown soon, actually.  XD;