Anonymous said: is minghua mako's first kill? do you think they're going to talk about it or do you think mako's going to think about it? something like that


Yeah from what we know it is his first kill…It’s funny because I don’t know if they’ll deal with that, like he didn’t seem shaken at all after the fact but dude you just killed someone. But he is a cop, he’s probably dealt with violence both in his job and it’s safe to assume on the streets. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s hardened by it at this point. I mean Su didn’t feel a care in the world after she did that to P’li too so…yeah. Them feeling remorse at that moment didn’t really fit in the story either so that’s part of it, it was self defense

Mako looked pretty shocked to me:

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That seems like a plausible reaction from him.  Actually, I think a more emotional reaction would seem out of place for him, especially since he didn’t exactly have the time to work through his feelings at the moment.

wishingformemoria said: I think it was Raava doing the reaching out. Because, after Korra "wakes up" that is when she recognizes and says "'re alive."


Right! Thats what I thought too. 

It could still have been Korra reaching out, actually.  She didn’t realize Tonraq was still alive until the poison’s out of her, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t see him — remember, she was hallucinating dead people before.  She might have thought he was a figment of her dying mind.  =(


Team Avatar fighting in the Venom of the Red Lotus GIF edits.

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I’m just worried about Opal and Pabu’s not here to comfort me! I hope he and Naga are doing okay back in Zaofu. 

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I’m also fairly certain that the crazyness of the last half of the season may have contributed to it going digital. Sure, I also think the poor ratings brought on by the sudden, barely announced release and lack of advertising played a part. But the also may have wanted to go digital with it anyways because of how dark and violent the back half of the season actually turned out to be.

Although, if that was the case, why hasn’t Spongebob, which has sometimes intense onscreen body horror and gore gone digital as well?

Bryke said that wasn’t the case, and I think we can believe them.

It does seem possible that things happened the other way around, though.  Maybe Nick wanted to turn the show into a digital experiment back when Book 3 was being developed, so they went lighter on the network notes and allowed things they otherwise wouldn’t have allowed.  There’s no way the content would have surprised them, though, because the crew had to submit it to them throughout all stages of development.

As for Spongebob, Bryke mentioned it in the commentary for The Spirit of Competition — the tonal difference between the shows means different standards are necessary.  (They joked that their way is actually better for kids, because it shows that getting hit in the head with a hammer has consequences ;) )

Spongebob has turned into something of a gross-out show of the ’90s style, like Ren and Stimpy or something.  It’s designed to make squeamish kids go “eww” and the less-squeamish kids go “cool!” but it’s still really cartoony and there are no permanent consequences.

Legend of Korra, in contrast, doesn’t go for gross as much as brutal.  It restrains itself in just the right ways to make the details it does show feel really graphic, using subtle physiological reactions to suggest horrible internal damage and designing violent acts to feel torturous without slowing down time to focus on them.  It’s very different from anything else Nick airs, and that has a lot to do with Nick’s inability to figure out what to do with it, even if they weren’t reacting to specific incidents when they decided to put it online.

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From Episode 12: Enter the Void and Episode 13: Venom of the Red Lotus


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Korra Week / Day 7: Triumph

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Korra vs. Zaheer

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Your name will echo throughout history.

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Korra being so badass in chains.

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