It’s all starting to come together… after some dealings with Aiwei, the greater Red Lotus, the Misty Palms Oasis people, and/or whoever gave them the sand sailer (perhaps they locate some more airbenders?), the Krew winds up in the fight with the Foursome, during which Zaheer somehow meets Korra in the Spirit World. While she’s learning the secret of the Red Lotus from the Big Bad himself, Asami is escaping the fight with her body, only to be ambushed and captured by someone working for the Earth Queen. Which means that Korra awakens a prisoner, in no position to “warn the world” about whatever horrific thing Zaheer told her. 

That definitely seems to be the structure of the episode, though it’s still really unclear how it’s all going to come together.

Jumping ahead a bit further… what would the Earth Queen be most likely to do with captured members of the Krew (including the Avatar)? GIven her promise to "bear down on [Korra] with the entire force of my kingdom" (also given Shinobi’s question "Will she survive…?" from the latest trailer), I’m betting she’d plan something brutal and hamfisted, like a highly public execution; she’d have no particular reason to incur the dangers of imprisoning the Avatar long-term, especially when she can simultaneously increase her forces’ prestige and trigger the Avatar’s rebirth as (almost certainly) one of her own subjects! 

Besides that, every season thus far has threatened one or more major characters with execution, or something close enough that the difference is academic; maybe now it’s Korra’s turn—and, more than likely, Asami’s. 

(For added angst, Makorrians can picture the guys crawling away from the fight and collapsing somewhere, secure in the knowledge that they’ve sent Asami and Korra to safety with Naga, only to hear an announcement being trumpeted through every town in the kingdom… O_o) 

If they did that, I think the Earth Queen would cement her position as the most hated character in the entire franchise.  XD;  It’d definitely increase the tension!

(Also, if Korra and Asami got captured, Naga probably would, too… and we all know what the Earth Queen likes to do to exotic animals.  =(  That could increase the immediacy of the threat even more!)

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Mako + Lightning bending

I’ve seen a few people express dislike for the portion of Mako’s new character bio where it says Mako’s choice of weapon is lightning given how little he’s used it lately. So I took it upon myself to track back through everything released so far and sure enough… 7 instances in Book 1 and only once in Book 2 and nothing so far in Book 3.

And then it hit me… Lightning is the cold blooded fire. According to the Avatar Wiki page lightning bending “Mentally it involves a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind, and physically it requires separating the energies of yin and yang, also interpreted as positive and negative electric potential respectively.” (x)

Now we know full well that Mako is physically capable of producing lightning. In fact, of all the people we’ve seen generate lightning, he probably does it with the least amount of effort.

So why the sudden lack of lightning from Mako?

"Mentally it involves a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind"

Think about the events of Book 2 and Book 3. Compare the stoic and restrained Mako you saw in Book 1 with what you’ve seen of Mako in Book 2 and Book 3. That’s not the picture of someone who’s absent of emotion or abundant in peace of mind at all. At least in Book 1 Mako was more in control of his emotions in the sense that he was pretty good at ultimately shoving them aside (and not dealing with them entirely at times). That ability wore off severely by the time Book 2 rolled around (I think a certain waterbender may or may not be to partially blame for this).

In full honesty, opening yourself up and allowing the avatar of all people into your life, especially an avatar as chaotic as Korra… there’s only so long you can keep your inner emotionless peace.

The avatar lives on a different level than everyone else. Who else is surrounded by the only airbenders (at the time), constantly in the public eye (for a different reason than probending), basically seen and depended on as the savior and problem solver for the world, always involved somehow in a conflict or diplomatic event (the Water Tribe Civil wars and traveling the world looking for airbenders) and is constantly under the threat of attack (and not just anyone, but literally the dark spirit of pure evil and four master assassins).

Not to mention the romantic side and how much Korra has gotten under Mako’s skin and really taken him out of his comfort zone. Mako doesn’t have a little crush on Korra. It’s not a “oh she’s pretty and nice and I like hanging out with her”. She drives him crazy. She makes him feel things he’s never felt before and it’s been proven over and over again that ultimately he doesn’t yet know what to do with these feelings or how to handle them.

Honestly would Mako have even come close to doing half of what he’s done so far if it weren’t for Korra? Without Korra, Mako would’ve probably dropped out of the probending tournament because Hasook left them, gone back to training for another year, maybe even been on the streets depending on how lenient they’d be with the brothers living in the attic for free for a while, looking for a replacement waterbender for the team and trying to scrape by protecting and providing for Bolin.

And the chances Mako would’ve became a cop probably wouldn’t have been that high. When Korra found Mako he was very much in survival mode. He wasn’t living, he was simply surviving and in that lifestyle Mako can keep his emotionless peace of mind. For someone who’s been doing it since the age of 8, he’s a master at it by now.

Because of Korra, Mako, for the first time since his parents died, had the chance to really live. For the first time he had another option. He could live at Air Temple Island. He could be fed good food. People were there who would make sure he had clothes and was taken care of. Because Korra found Mako, Mako was able to experience a life beyond survival. He was allowed to experience his emotions in a new way because it didn’t jeopardize his and Bolin’s potential safety and well-being.

Meeting the avatar severely changes your life and your destiny. We saw this with Katara and Sokka and now we’re seeing it with Mako and Bolin.

I truly believe Mako’s actual preferred choice of weapon is still lightning bending. But at the moment his emotional life is chaos and he’s dealt with almost none of it (which I really think is going to come back to get him in the next few episodes). After bottling up his emotions for so long it’s hardly surprising that he has almost no idea how to handle them. So this is the next phase of Mako’s character development - handling his emotions in a healthy way.

And I think once we see Mako find his peace while balancing his emotions (not neglecting them but not letting them get out of control), I think we’ll see more lightning from Mako. Because as I said earlier, I really think that is his preferred weapon of choice.

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Anonymous said: Why would Suyin let the four of them (alone with no help) go after Aiwei/ the red lotus knowing how dangerous and powerful they are? She knows how easy it was for them to get to korra and how hard it was for the whole group to fight them off.




Recklessness and/or desperation, most likely.  I think she wants Aiwei back so badly that she’s willing to risk everything to get him, for one reason or another.

Personally, I was more surprised when SuYin pretended to go along with Lin. Mostly because I believe Korra’s right. It doesn’t make sense for her to hide from the Red Lotus when she’s a fully realized avatar and not a four-year-old anymore. Like she said, it’s her job to hunt them down. If she can handle darkness incarnated, she can definitely handle them. The only reason they got to her so easily was because they pulled a surprise attack. She knows she’s vulnerable when she’s not on her guard - even the best armies can fall to surprise attacks. Why do you think her worst nightmare was the Equalists attacking her in her sleep? (That night literally was a nightmare come true - I wonder if that will be addressed?) She can beat anyone in a head-on attack, and Su Yin knows that. By sending her on the offensive and not to Republic City where she’ll be a sitting duck, that might have been the best move to protect Korra - by letting her take care of herself. While Su Yin’s handling of the situation definitely wasn’t the most honest way, and definitely not the way to regain her sister’s trust, it was the fastest way to get the most qualified tracking party after Aiwei.

Yeah, that definitely wasn’t what I expected from her.  XD;

I do think there’s a weak point in Korra’s plan insofar as her friends’ ability to help her is limited (Asami doesn’t really have any way of fighting the Red Lotus at all, and the brothers are clearly not capable of standing up to them one-on-one) and as powerful as she is, it’d be easy for her to be taken off-guard if she’s fighting multiple opponents at once.  Adding Lin, Su, and a few metalbenders onto the team certainly couldn’t have hurt if they understood they were there to support Korra.  I don’t think that’s something that Su could have helped once Lin set herself against Korra’s desire to take care of the problem herself, though.

Anonymous said: Why would Suyin let the four of them (alone with no help) go after Aiwei/ the red lotus knowing how dangerous and powerful they are? She knows how easy it was for them to get to korra and how hard it was for the whole group to fight them off.



Recklessness and/or desperation, most likely.  I think she wants Aiwei back so badly that she’s willing to risk everything to get him, for one reason or another.

There’s actually a number of reasons Su would support Korra, and very few alternative explanations to her fiercely helping the group rescue Korra and actively working against the Red Lotus (coming up with the plan, telling Bolin what to do, saving Lin from Zaheer - all that was what lead to the failure of the Red Lotus, we’re not even talking mild support for covering).

It is Su’s established character that she values freedom, her family and the safety of her city very highly - something we have no reasons to doubt her genuine interest in. Take that and I can come up with at least four (more if you allow me more creativity) overlapping or independent explanations - interpretations, really - just like that.

1. By letting Korra go alone without Lin, Su is sheltering her sister from a group of very dangerous criminals. She might have broken Lin’s trust - which she did not fully have anyway, proven by Lin’s quick suspect of her - but she’s taken away her reason for putting herself on the line of direct danger or leaving her city so soon. Being overprotective isn’t fully compatible with what we know of Su so far, but keeping in mind that she’s just made up with her sister (whom she appears sincerely enthusiastic about regain contact with) after 30 years, it’s still more in line with her character than working against her sister would be. Personally I’d actually find that an interesting motive for a morally gray character move.

2. I think it’s relevant to bring up Su saying she considered Aiwei family. Aiwei is a betrayer and he brought Zaofu and Su’s family in danger by helping the Red Lotus. I think getting back at Aiwei is definitely part of Su’s reasoning for sending Korra after him. It’s kind of interesting that Su would take Aiwei’s betrayal so harshly considering she kind of betrayed Lin herself, but again while I don’t see Su working for the criminals, I do see her as dubious enough to separate intention and outcome from the action itself; Aiwei’s lying was bringing people in danger and a fundamental betrayal, whereas Su was well-meaning and loyal in her heart. (This again can be brought back to earlier characterization, e.g. the flashback she just “drove the car”, so she wasn’t a real criminal).

3. Having Korra in the city in the first place was what brought the criminals there. We know Su prices her city’s safety and well-being highly, so her wanting Korra out of there to regain order would align with her characterization. 

4. I think that Suyin’s fundamental world view is very different from Lin - I don’t think she values authority or adult supervision the same, and she knows her sister is extremely stubborn. Lin disagrees with Korra? There’s really no way she was going to let it go, especially not after what happened that night - Su could have supported Korra openly, that would have been far more honest, but it would likely have been of very little help. I think that Su might see a bit of herself in Korra, and by setting the young Avatar free of her sister’s protection and control, she did something similar to what Toph did to her. Being let out in the world on her own was ultimately what made Su a better person - saved her, really - according to herself. I think she might see it as a help, albeit a bit reckless, rather than overly dangerous. After all, she’s seen the Krew at work and possibly considers them more than capable on their own, (that might contradict #1, but it serves as a reasoning on it’s own).

Really, I’ve yet to see anyone making these theories even addressing why Su would actively and completely unnecessarily work against the Red Lotus, let alone not make a set-up much more approachable for them. It is too soon to completely rule out Suyin helping those villains, certainly a few hints have been dropped, but people are frankly jumping to conclusions based on a few vague suggestions without much critical afterthought left in the excitement or dread, it seems.

The “Su is evil” theory is something I’ve never really found to be worth that much thought, but this is a great overview of all of the reasons she would have for being on the right side.  I don’t think there’s anything I can add, really.

Anonymous said: didn't hakoda call his tangled mine invention a "stink 'n' sink"?

Yeah, he did… which made it even sillier.  =P

pulpofiction said: .... what's a tangle mine

It’s Hakoda’s invention from the end of A:tLA Book 2.  Basically, he stuck a bunch of seaweed and stinky fish in a mine with the intention of tangling up the rudders of Fire Nation ships and forcing evacuation by making them smell really bad.

It always stuck out as particularly kids’ show-y, probably because it was Hakoda’s idea rather than Sokka’s.  It’s easier to suspend disbelief to think a fifteen year old kid came up with a goofy non-lethal weapon than a grown warrior, after all.  =P




Interesting choice of words for the title “Venom of the Red Lotus”. Venom and poison are commonly used interchangeably, but they have subtle differences in meaning. Venom differs from poison purely by method of delivery. Venom needs to be decisively injected into a target, while poison is usually just present in/on an organism that produces it and spreads through contact, typically with a mucosal membrane of sorts. This difference between venom and poison has the potential to reveal a little more about the Red Lotus and their future plans. They’re probably looking to use decisive force, either through their own bending or appealing to/using Korra, to cause the collapse and dismantlement of their foes so that their desired changes can occur.

It’s also important to remember that venom is not always a bad thing; venom can be harnessed for good. Bee and snake venom have been used therapeutically in ayurveda, the traditional Hindu medicine system, to treat conditions like arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is basically your body reacting (or possibly overreacting) to stimuli that it deems as irritating or harmful and attacking it, and if it occurs in your joints then movement can be extremely painful and thus limited. It’s possible that the Red Lotus views themselves as the venom to fix the arthritis of the system and induce change. Of course, they could also just be the type of venom that kills you.

My biggest question now is, how is this all going to happen in 23 (or is it 22 now) minutes?????

I’m really a fan of your second suggestion.  Earlier I wrote a long, rambly thing about the meaning of the red lotus blossom and how it represents love and compassion, which seems like an odd symbol to associate with a team of villains. I was sort of thinking about it literally at the time and failed to consider that maybe the villains see themsevles as proponents of whatever they believe to be the solution to the flaws they see in the world versus actually being good.  I don’t know if I can see them being beacons of love or the beneficial “venom” in the world if Zaheer really wants to eliminate the Avatar (although I suppose he could just mean the elimination of the Avatar role/powers, not actually killing Korra), but I can completely see them believing they’re serving the overall good of the world by doing so. 

Yep, that’s basically what I was going for. Obviously, we as the audience are probably not supposed to view them as good, but I can see how the Red Lotus as characters could see themselves in that light. I have a feeling that Zaheer will be trying to (and will fail to) appeal to Korra to join the side of the Red Lotus, and I can see them justifying Korra’s “destruction” (as it is so put in the episode summary) if she stands in their the way of their vision

I really like this idea, and I think it fits well with the last leaked summary we saw:


I could definitely see Zaheer seeing himself as an agent for change and wanting to remove what he sees as impediments to change (“stiffness in the system”).

I kind of feel like the tonal difference between A:tLA and LoK can be summed up with the existence/non-existence of tangle mines.



This always bugged me about sports fans.
“NEEEERD!”  “You, sir, are wearing cheese.”

I think about this all the time



This always bugged me about sports fans.

“NEEEERD!”  “You, sir, are wearing cheese.”

I think about this all the time

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…interesting.  My laptop seems to overheat whenever I try to play DVDs.

In other news, 480i stinks even worse on a 5” screen than on my laptop.  Not sure if lack of upscaling or just sub-480 screen.  >_>;