Anonymous said: Villains in LOK have no honor so Korra having a hard time against Kuvira might be because Kuvira won't be fighting alone. When she'll realize she can't defeat Korra, she'll order someone to help her. Bryke said Korra is in an emotionally bad place so she's physically healed, but her mental state is questionable. Being the Avatar is who she was, but it was taken from her by the Aribenders.

I could see that playing into it.  But it looks like Korra has Opal and another airbender backing her up, so one would think that an attempt to cheat would be met by Korra calling on her reinforcements.  =/

Korra’s mental state could be the main problem, though, especially because it’s likely that Kuvira knows what happened to her and how to take advantage of that.

Anonymous said: I have this theory Korra went to the Earth Kingdom undercover to try and solve problems and find the true meaning of being the avatar. Idk if it makes sense, but what do you think?

I’m not really a fan.  If she’s going to the Earth Kingdom to figure out what it means to be the Avatar, why hide the fact that she’s the Avatar?  Why leave behind all of the resources — Naga, a glider, a sky bison borrowed from Tenzin, an airship borrowed from Asami, a jeep borrowed from Suyin — that would make traveling around the Earth Kingdom a million times easier?  It just seems really impractical.  =/

Anonymous said: I seriously dislike the first episode title: After All These Years. It kinda sounds like 30 years have passed and not just 3. And I though 3 was bad enough. Do you think there's any reason Bryke wanted such a long time-skip? I can't really see Korra taking that long to heal...

I think it’s too early to judge the episode title until it’s more clear what, exactly, it’s referring to.  Is it referring to Korra’s return to Republic City?  Her ability to stand on her own two feet?  Something else entirely?  The degree to which it implies a longer period of time than three years heavily depends on the context.

As for the length of the timeskip, my guess is that three years was chosen so Kuvira would have time to build up an army and become a major threat.  It’s unclear as of yet what that means for Korra; maybe she’s been recovering for most of that period, maybe she’s been journeying for most of it, maybe she ended up in a place where time flowed differently and she didn’t realize how long she’d been away (…the last one is mostly joking, but you never know).

matt0044 said: One thing that I love about Korra is how truly three dimensional she is. People seem to overlook it and boil her (and others) down to nothing more than a few traits. Problem is that it's not black and white like that at all.

I couldn’t agree more.  That Korra is as complicated as she is might be my favorite part of her, and that’s saying something.

Anonymous said: I don't think Mako's new clothes have much to do with the earth Kingdom. I think it's because of his job, Lu and Gang had similar suits

I agree.  Though, if it is a uniform, I’ve got to wonder whether he has new casual clothes, too.

Anonymous said: The insider confirmed to dongbufeng that the first clip we were given is a very early scene from 4x01 so we may get one episodes in 2 parts. The first part as an epilogue and the second part as "3 years later". The world is in peace for now so 4x02 will most likely be centered around Korra's journey with both quick scenes about where she was and turn into where she is now. I believe she'll go back to the city in 4x04 or x05. The airkids must find her first, but to do so, Kuvira must start a war.

That’s… really weird.

We know for a fact that the IGN clip with the Shiro Shinobi voiceover is the opening scene.  There’s no way it could be from the second half of the first episode; opening scenes don’t work like that.

I suppose it’s possible that the first clip is to Book 4 what the clip with the spirit taking down a ship was to Book 2, but it’d be weird to do such a significant scene change before the title card.

Maybe Korra shows up in Republic City before the first commercial break and starts relating her story to her friends in flashback form?  If that scene is in past-tense — and it must be, if it’s not from a scene prior to the opening — it seems more likely to be something Korra’s relating to others than something she’s flashing back to herself.  Internal flashbacks don’t generally have the sort of narrative structure that allows for the Republic City -> nightmares in the SWT jump, looking at episodes like Zuko Alone and Old Wounds — characters’ memories tend to cluster around specific incidents rather than telling a story from beginning to end.

Anonymous said: what are your speculations regarding kuvira's motive? i mean does she plan world domination? kuvira doesn't seem sinister at all. she's charismatic. tbh she kinda reminds me of azula minus the crazy.

My guess is she thinks that the Earth Kingdom needs to have order restored by force and is convinced that she’s the right person to do it.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if she, like Amon, Unalaq, and Zaheer, had her own understanding of “balance” that wasn’t balanced in the slightest (one which could, I imagine, include the retaking of the lands currently in the possession of the United Republic of Nations)..

x-toad said: How are you so sure that the shot of Korra near a Spirit Portal happens at the North Pole? I mean, we've only seen it once in a flashback and the forest back then wasn't frozen in ice as the one in the clip is.

The spirit portals are different colors — the one at the North Pole is gold and the one at the South Pole is blue. 


The portal in the image gives off gold light, ergo, the portal in the image is the one at the North Pole.

And, for the record, we saw the North Pole in the present tense in Book 2:

The forest’s appearance in the two image seems consistent enough, especially if it’s meant to be covered in snow in Book 4.

Anonymous said: I don't think we'll get to see Korra's journey, I feel like it'll be most likely a recap and then like a final one, just before she is found or she decides to go back.

I’m a bit confused… wouldn’t a recap basically involve showing the journey, just in a shortened form?  =P

Anonymous said: I'm really sorry Ikkin, you predictions are usually awesome and true, but it looks like that clip may have proved you wrong in two things: Masami looks like it might be a thing again and they really haven't seen Korra for 3 years. Ok, none of that is 100% confirmed, but it sure looks that way...

If the writers think Mako needs to be interested in Asami to awkwardly shoo away a sleazeball like Wu, I’ll be really disappointed in them.  =P  Besides, if they were together, one would have thought Mako would have just told Wu that — he seems like the type who’d be more likely to respect a claim that Asami was already “taken” than any other kind of hint.

The clip itself, I suspect, cut off where it did because the Nick people recognized that leaving it ambiguous would cause the fandom to explode.  But, if that was their goal, one would assume they’d have been better off allowing the figurative cameras to run a bit longer if the conversation continued to tease that relationship instead of moving onto something completely different.  =P

As for Korra… I don’t think the clip confirms anything other than that she hasn’t been back to Republic City, given that none of the characters who know her talked about her.  It’s too easy to call anything either way there.